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You Want a Quote for Infrared Heating

Jan 24, 2020 8:58:34 AM / by Simon - Jigsaw

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You've reached the point where you'd like an idea of how much infrared heating will cost you to install. You need a quote for infrared heating. You'll find some more information about the step by step process we follow on a previous post.

For us to prepare an idea of price for you, we will need some more detailed information.


Information needed to Provide a Quote for Infrared Heating


What is the address of the property?

We need to know this so we can look at the average temperatures. A house in Cornwall will benefit from a warmer climate that one in the Hebrides for example.


What is the construction of the property (or what will it be)?

For example, it may be a 19th Century, stone built farmhouse. It could be a modern, brick built property with cavity wall insulation. Perhaps you live in a timber frame, modular build.


Is it a terraced, semi detached or detached house?

This is important because of potential heat loss in the property. Typically a detached house requires more heating than a mid-terrace.


What levels of insulation are there in the property?

You may have cavity wall insulation, insulation in the loft space, underfloor insulation. The more insulation you have the less heat you will require to heat and maintain the temperature in the space you want to heat.


How many external walls are there on each room you want to heat?

External walls lose more heat than internal walls. This means that the heating requirement will increase when you have more external walls.


What type of glazing will be used. Single, double, triple or other?

Once again, this relates to potential heat loss / heat retention in the space you are heating. There is a big difference between no double glazing and triple glazed units. The type of glazing you have on your windows impacts on the heating required in the space.


Will there be any other sources of heat for the building?

You may be using infrared heating to supplement an existing or planned heating system. You may be using infrared heating as your primary heat source. Either is fine, but we need to know so that we can specify correctly.


What are the measurements of the rooms?

We need to work out the volume of each space. We will need to know the width, length and height.


Are there any renewables sources of energy being installed?

This is important because it may impact on how you live in the the property. For example, if you already have installed or are planning on installing Solar PV panels for electricity micro-generation this is a perfect partner for infrared heating.


Can you provide an image of your consumer unit / fuse board?

We need to make sure that you have enough ampage available for the specification we recommend. A photo of your fuse board will generally help us answer this question.

When you have this information prepared, please contact us for a quote for infrared heating and we will prepare a specification and indicative pricing for you.


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