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The Efficient Electric Home of the Future Now

Jun 8, 2020 1:46:25 PM / by Matthew Billington


Efficient Electric Home Under Construction

During the Grand Designs show at the NEC in 2019 we were discussing our in ceiling Infrared Heating mats with a family on our stand. Soon after they presented us plans and asked us to calculate the heating requirements for their own new Grand Design build.

The plans of the home take the old 1930’s 3 bedroom footprint and more than double the size of the property. Within the building the clients have made the decision to go all electric for heating and hot water. Jigsaw will supply the homeowner with our in ceiling, plastered in heating mats, Heatmiser thermostats and Mixergy Smart hot water cylinder. The system will be powered by by a 4kW in roof solar panel array and 12kW battery storage system. The client will make use of Octopus’s car charging tariff to charge the batteries on the allotted times.


The ceiling infrared heating systems runs off a 36v power supply and is controlled separately by room or zone. The benefits of this means that the rooms that are being used are the ones that are heated. The others can be on a tick over temperature to keep the rooms at an ambient heat. The mats will run at a lower temperature of around 45ºC. The lower temperature is spread over a wider area and will heat all surfaces in the room evenly creating a comfortable environment for all in the room. 



Heating Mats

  • It is the flexible Future of Heating
  • The Low Cost, High Energy heating solution
  • Providing Low Voltage Heating at 36 volts 
  • With a Healthy Heat from Far Infrared Rays (FIR)
  • Providing incredibly rapid warm-up times
  • Simple insulation
  • Can be part of a renewable energy solution using heat from Solar Panels
  • Ability to Zone each room for maximum heating cost efficiency
  • Manufactured in the Germany
  • Come with a 10 year warranty

Smart Hot Water

The Mixergy Smart cylinder will also make use of the power produced by the solar panels during the day. The feed to the cylinder will charge the tank of hot water from the top down. This means that any hot water produced will be useable rather than being diluted into a large non smart cylinder. See more about the Mixergy cylinder here.



Heating Control

All elements of the installation will be able to be measured and controlled via the room thermostats, Mixergy cylinder and apps. The battery system will monitor the power coming into the property from the grid and the panels and will feedback on what is being generated. We are positive that this home will be come a blueprint for future properties, new and old, by the way it will generate and use power.


More to follow as the site develops. Keep coming back for updates.


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Matthew Billington

Written by Matthew Billington

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