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What are Infrared Heating Mats?

Jul 22, 2019 3:10:12 PM / by Matthew Billington


Invisible, Pleasant & Healthy Heating With Infrared Heating Mats

Infrared Heating mats are becoming increasingly popular and it's easy to see why.  With no visible heaters taking up space in your home, you can still heat your home efficiently whilst benefitting from a cleaner, healthier home.

Our infrared heating mats are an entirely new way of heating. It is not just economical, secure, flexible and comfortable – they are also unobtrusive.

Constructed of ultra-thin graphite heating foils, they can be installed easily; virtually vanishing under the floor, behind the wallpaper or beneath the ceiling.

Conventional heating, taking up lots of space, is a thing of the past with this new technology, that will eventually make these older heating methods obsolete.

Even when cut, ripped or with holes, our infrared heating mats work.

Perfectly tailored to your home. We carefully measure each room to ensure the correct heating.

Total control at your fingertips.



Why Infrared Heating Mats

  • It is the flexible Future of Heating
  • The Low Cost, High Energy heating solution
  • Providing Low Voltage Heating from 12 volt to 48 volt, dependent on application, DC or AC
  • With a Healthy Heat from Far Infrared Rays (FIR)
  • Providing incredibly rapid warm-up times
  • Simple insulation
  • Can be part of a renewable energy solution using heat from Solar Panels
  • Ability to Zone each room for maximum heating cost efficiency
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Come with a 15 year warranty


Benefits over Wire and Pipe Underfloor Heating

Simple installation under carpet, flooring and tiles.

Robust and resilient materials continue to work even if damaged.

Infrared Heating Mats


Disadvantages of Wire and Pipe Underfloor Heating

Installation needs to be carried out at construction stage

Screed floor is necessary to make use of thermal mass

Although radiant heat is instantaneous the floor screed has a heating up lag period. This can therefore increase running costs.

There is also a worry on the fragility of the piping or the wire mesh. If the pipe or wire is damaged, the heating stops working and can cause a hazard or a leak.



Infrared heating mats offer many advantages over traditional underfloor heating. Installation can be carried out as a retrofit. Running costs can be significantly lower. DIY Installation is possible.


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Matthew Billington

Written by Matthew Billington

My role at Jigsaw is product development, overall management the business and building relationships with likeminded companies. We specialise in sales and installation of Infrared Heating Panels. Our products are up to 60% more efficient that some heating options. We are working with our manufacturers to produce and install the most efficient panels and to improve our customers heating efficiency. By doing this, we can save them money and give them a healthier life in their homes and workspaces. When safety is concerned all of our panels are fully tested to comply with EN safety. My aim is to help customers improve their home efficiency with Smart devices, with links with our partnered solar panel installers to reduce customers electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprints.



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