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Infrared Heating Control System

Oct 16, 2020 9:42:38 AM / by Matthew Billington

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How do you control Infrared Heaters?

The simple answer is by a thermostat. The longer answer, below, discusses how our Jigsaw Infrared Smart Heating Controls.

Smart control of our heaters just got smarter!

The true sign of a good Smart device is the lack of need touch it once your desired settings have been found. That is true in two ways for our system. The control system that we provide and install do not actually need a ‘normal’ thermostat if you don’t want one. They can be controlled completely by phone or by being triggered when you walk in to the room.

ESW-scaledElectric Switch - This will wirelessly receive messages from the Hub to control infrared heater based on the measured temperature


Configuring your home heating system.

There are a few choices to make when building your heating system:

  • Is the system to be controlled on a thermostat?
  • Or, is it better to hide the controls completely?
  • Or, reduce the control that the occupant has on the heating system

All of these are options with our Smart heating system. During our conversation and site visits we discuss how best to control your heating system. As standard, all the heaters and rooms will be able to be controlled on a phone, tablet, computer or by voice (Alexa required). The next choice to make is how the heaters are controlled in the room. This is possible with a few variations.

  1. Thermostat
  2. Room sensor (With air temperature sensor)
  3. Electric Switch - Press for timed heat (30, 60 mins, with air temperature sensor)
  4. Or, a combination of all three


Room Sensor - accurately measure the temperature in a room & sense when you use it



The benefits of using this modular system is that there are many different combinations to control your heating. Jigsaw staff can guide you through the different controllers and how the combinations will work. The hub is required for all systems. As the brains, it connects all devices and stores the settings. No data is stored on the cloud, the internet is only used as a gateway to the hub. This can only be done if you have the physical code on the rear of the hub.

Some possible recipes:

  • Hidden Control - Relay switch + Room sensor (Switch connects power to the heater, sensor measures air and motion by wireless connection)
  • Wireless Thermostat - Relay switch + thermostat (Switch connects power to the heater, wireless thermostat measures air temperature)
  • Wired Thermostat - Wired thermostat (Thermostat measures air temperature and switches heater)
  • Reduced Control (HMO/Rentals) - Electric Switch + Room Sensor (Electric Switch connects power to the heater and also allows to manual turn the heater on. Rooms sensor monitors if there is a person in the room and measures air temperature)


    Infrared Heater Control Hub - The “Brain-box” that stores your requirements for heating.


Ready, Set, Go!

All our systems come preprogrammed with your initial connections made between the Hub and device. It’s literally plug and play. The Hub is also preset with a general timed programme for all the rooms. But, there are plenty of settings to refine your ideal room temperatures to maximise your savings.


Potential Savings

With the power to control all your heaters in every room provides the potential for high levels of savings. The general savings that clients with the system installed state is around 25% compared to their previous system. There are case studies to show that the savings can be over 60%. This saving was proven with a hotel that converted some of its room to the system and left others on normal controls.


Simple Advise

Turn the heating down low or off if you are not using the room. Infrared is much quicker to warm you up. Our panels will start to heat up in only 10 minutes. You will feel that heat directly even before the room warms up.


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Matthew Billington

Written by Matthew Billington

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