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Stories of Infrared Heating - Doreen & The Cinema

Dec 8, 2020 11:07:31 AM / by Simon - Jigsaw



So Doreen, she likes the cinema. Trouble is, Doreen lives out in the sticks. Beautiful place, but local amenities a little lacking. Doreen's lived here for decades, she and her friends grew up here and to be honest she wouldn't swap for anything. 

However. Some things she could do without. Like sitting in the cold to watch a film. 

She gets to see a great selection of films, new and old. The arts centre just outside town makes sure that cinema is available to those who want it. 

Visiting the arts centre is one of Doreen's joys. It's not only the cinema, they have a great little cafe (mouth watering Danish pastries!) a gallery and local artisans have places to sell their beautiful products. There's always something interesting. 


Doreen doesn't swear. But, "It's always so bloody cold!"




Doreen's not a miserable person, but sitting in the cold watching a film she enjoys can make her feel miserable. Her friends often ask whether she's actually enjoying the film. She is. Doreen loves cinema.

Well, Doreen got chatting to a friend who talked to a friend who put them in touch with the Arts Council. Cut a long story short, Doreen managed to put the wheels in motion to get her local arts centre funding for some upgraded heating. 

Upgraded infrared heating. 

This heating works when they need it and heats people first! It's responsive and what's more, it saves the Arts Centre money compared to what they used previously.

Doreen enjoys watching her films now, she enjoys visiting the Arts Centre.

How much?

So much she wears her silver bomber jacket. Look at that happy face!



If you'd like to be happy with your heating, just like Doreen, please get in touch. 




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Simon - Jigsaw

Written by Simon - Jigsaw

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