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Smart Electric Hot Water Cylinders

Dec 11, 2019 10:55:54 AM / by Simon - Jigsaw

Saving both money on energy bills and reducing carbon emissions are priorities in the UK. Many households are becoming more aware of the need to make these priorities with many making use of the latest Smart Electric Hot Water Cylinders.

A lot of households do not have the benefit of cheap mains gas and will use either heating oil or electricity to provide hot water. Heating oil is expensive whilst electric water heaters are often inefficient and inconvenient

“Hot water use contributes £228 to the average annual combined energy bill and emits 875kg of CO2 per household per year.”

“The energy used to heat water for devices and appliances emits an average of 875kg of CO2 per household per year. Equivilent to the CO2 emissions from driving more than 1,700 miles in an average family car.”
Energy Saving Trust

Mixergy hot water cylinder


Smart electric hot water cylinders save money and water

Conventional hot water tanks heat all or nothing. Mixergy’s novel top-up technology enables you to selectively heat what you need.

When Compared to a conventional cylinder, smart electric hot water cylinders achieve:

  • Usable hot water up to 5x faster
  • Hot water bills reduced by 5-20% through energy savings
  • Up to 30% more usable hot water

The Mixergy tank differs to conventional tanks in three fundamental ways:

1. The novel top-up technology enables you to selectively heat by volume, rather than time
2. Temperature sensors make sterilisation cycles and hot water volumes measurable
3. Internet connectivity and the Mixergy App provides smart remote control

Mixergy’s top-up technology uses thermal stratification (water rising when it heats) to ‘float’ hot water on top of cold. This enables users to selectively heat different volumes of water.

As the tank heats it increases the portion of water which is heated from the top down. Conventional hot water cylinders try to heat the whole cylinder at once.

By only heating what you need you can save 5-20% on hot water bills.


Delivers 30% more hot water

When hot water is drawn from a cylinder (i.e. the hot tap is used), fresh cold water is introduced from the mains. In conventional cylinders this dilutes the temperature of water.

The Mixergy tank uses novel inlet diffusers to reduce mixing of the cold water as it enters the tank.

This allows the tank to better maintain a separation between hot and cold portions of water. Therefore provides up to 30% more usable hot water compared to the same volume in a conventional tank. (National Physical Laboratory accredited).


Smart Hot Water Cylinders Control

Mixergy tanks operate on an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. An inter-connected network of activity between the Mixergy tank, the Mixergy “brain” and the Mixergy App.

This connectivity helps to set Mixergy apart from other cylinders on the market and provide customers with intelligent control over their tanks.

With Mixergy you have complete control over water temperature, heat sources, and scheduling options. You also have access to remote diagnostics support.

Automated data insight into your energy usage, and reports of how much you’ve spent on your current energy tariff are available for you.


Smart hot water cylinders


Smart Learning

Mixergy's automatic heating control feature uses machine learning to learn and predict at what times of day the user will need hot water. Then automatically adjusts the schedule as required.

This helps the user to optimise their energy use and cost of heating water therefore heating in the cheapest possible way for the user’s specific utility tariff.


Sterilisation Cycling

The Mixergy tank monitors and controls the hot water environment to prevent unhygienic conditions. As a minimum, the Mixergy tank runs a periodic fortnightly sterilisation routine and ensure water is clean and hygienic.

Corrective action is automatically taken to heat and therefore prevent bacteria such as legionella.

This is unlike conventional tanks, which often fail to achieve sterilising temperatures due to their design and no form of sterilisation check.


How smart are Mixergy electric hot water cylinders?

Mixergy is a spin-out company from the University of Oxford’s Energy and Power Group (EPG).


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