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The perfect solution for heating your conservatory!

Mar 8, 2021 2:36:45 PM / by Laura - Jigsaw


Is your conservatory not living up to it's expectations? Are you finding that for the majority of the year it is an unusable space due to it being too cold?

As you all may be aware conservatories can be one of the most hardest spaces to heat. Convection heaters just don't cut it as the heat rises and escapes meaning no comfortable heat is created. In turn this can lead to a cold, damp and unusable space. Let's face it running a convection heater can be quite pricey and take an age to feel any benefit, which is another reason you won't want to use the space you have.

Well here at Jigsaw we have an affordable solution that will enable you to enjoy your conservatory throughout the year.

What we recommend

We have a choice of infrared heaters to choose from which are ideal for conservatories. So let's take a closer look:

High power infrared heater

High power infrared heater

Our high power infrared heater is a perfect solution for helping make your conservatory a space you can enjoy. This heater comes in a quality matt black design with an integrated LED temperature display, which can be adjusted with a remote control. This gives the user full control of heating the space allowing you to adjust according to the comfort you require.  

The infrared heater is easy to install on the wall with the integrated mounting brackets, suitable for over 1.8m height. More importantly this infrared heater offers huge energy savings of up to 80% meaning you won’t mind having the heater on.

Due to the high heat output the heater is able to cover large areas that most heaters cannot. And as infrared heats objects such as furniture and flooring the heat is not going to escape creating a warm and comfortable room which you can use and enjoy.

As this high powered infrared heater comes with integrated thermostat and temperature control, there is no need for external independent heating controls. This heater comes in a variety of wattages and sizes, allowing flexibility of usage according to space and environment.

We recommend that with this high powered heater you place it over a 1.8m height to ensure that the heat it produces is dispersed throughout your conservatory. This heater does not produce any visible light, which some people prefer. 

This high powered heater is available in four different wattages 1200W, 1800W, 2400W and 3000W and ranges from £249.00 - £349.00.

Not sure on what size to order, use our wattage calculator or contact us and we will be happy to help.

Aero Infrared Heater (Low Glow Bulb)

Aero Infrared Heater

Our Aero infrared heater is another option for heating conservatories. It is a beautifully designed wall or ceiling mounted heater. This heater can be set to four different levels: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 2500W. It comes with a remote control allowing the user easy control.

Every component of this heater is optimised for high performance that includes a heating element producing mid-wave infrared heat. They are built using extruded aluminium design to maximise thermal capacity, meaning this is an ideal solution for your conservatory.

The Aero infrared heater is economical to run. They work on infrared heat waves that are distributed throughout the room. Again, this is very different from convectional heaters, as they start to heat as soon as they are switched on giving you instant heat.

Every part of this heater have been carefully designed to provide strong and long-life performance. They are also IP44 certified meaning they are also water resistant.

Priced at £214.99 this affordable heater is a must have.

Jigsaw Infrared Power Heater (No light) 

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Another perfect solution for conservatory heating is our Jigsaw Infrared Power Heater. Simple, elegant clean line Italian design this heater creates a comfortable warmth exactly where you need it. With quick heating times this heater will heat your space immediately.

Similar to our high powered infrared heater this heater has no visible light output and is available in ebony or silver. The anodised aluminium body guarantees efficient infrared heating whilst the external finish provides unique identity and elegance.

Italian designed and manufactured, the Jigsaw IR power heater gives you the performance and build quality that you'd expect and will heat efficiently using far infrared heating technology.

Available in four different power models 1500W, 1800W, 2400W and 3200W. Prices vary from £410.00 - £535.00.

Why we recommend the high powered over our panel range

Due to conservatories having little or no insulation and a lot of glass we recommend our high powered heaters over our panels to help you create fast and efficient heat. As most conservatories are mainly glass more power is needed from your heater to create the desired heat. We advise you locate your heaters up high to maximise on the rays and spread the heat evenly throughout your space, also it is safer to locate them out of reach of children and animals. To learn more about "What is the best infrared heater" please take a look at our blog. 

As infrared rays heat surfaces, objects and people, rather than just heating the air, this can help combat damp and mouldy places. Another great reason to switch to infrared in your conservatory.

What do our customers say

Don’t believe us….read for yourself what our customers have to say about our high powered heaters.

Outdoor heater customer feedback

"Really positive - would definitely recommend"

Really positive, ordering and payment was easy. Communication was very clear and timely. The heater is exceptionally good, we have put it in the conservatory and it is more than adequate. Would highly recommend.

Tina - West Midlands

Outdoor Heater customer feedback

"Double Height Solutions!"

Fantastic product at a great price. I needed a heater for a very cold room and turned to Solutions by Jigsaw. They professionally advised me on suitability and I have been using an overhead heater for the past few weeks. I would highly recommend them.

Mohammed B - Halesowen


Outdoor Heater

"Superb Conservatory Solution!"

Absolutely brilliant service.

We were looking for a solution to heating our large conservatory. It was completely unusable in the winter months. We tried everything from central heating to oil filled radiators etc. Due to the all glass structure it was always unsuccessful.

I almost got the roof replaced to a tiled one. I wasn’t keen on this as it would spoil the look.

I then cane across Jigsaw heating who recommended their new infrared style heating. This seemed very appealing. They came round to do a survey and we agreed to the installation - which took place within a fortnight.

The result has been superb. It has given us the perfect solution. Very easy to control (remotely as well). The installation service was excellent. The conservatory is now the most utilised room in the house.

Lots of thanks to Matt and the team.

Phuntoosh - Birmingham

Outdoor Heater customer feedback

"Conservatory Heating"

We recently had an infrared heater installed in our conservatory, this replaced two oil filled radiators. The service we had off Matt and the team was first class, the conservatory is now heated within a few minutes and our heating bill is a lot lower. I can highly recommend Jigsaw, first class service and products

Mr. S - West Midlands

Outdoor Infrared Heater customer feedback


Brilliant,,, the service and advice received has been first class, tie that with an excellent heater this has proved to be a very good experience,,, would not hesitate to recommend.

Mr Sheppard - Wales


Read more reviews.


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Laura - Jigsaw

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