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Replace Storage Heaters with a Modern, Efficient Solution

Feb 13, 2020 11:24:47 AM / by Simon - Jigsaw

replace storage heaters

Can you accurately forecast the weather? If not, that's one reason to replace storage heaters.

Do you want to heat your house when it's already too warm? No? There's another reason to replace storage heaters.

Do you like taking up valuable wall space with ugly big white boxes? No? ... you get the idea.

Storage heaters are an old technology (and by the way, those Fischer radiators you see advertised everywhere are just prettied up storage heaters).

They had their time. That time is not now.

Swap inefficiency for efficiency

Infrared heaters provide you with absolute control. Heat when you want it, where you want it. No need to think about the weather forecast.

Infrared heat keeps you at a comfortable temperature, set by you, monitored via a smart control system.

You won't be too hot. You won't be too cold.

Cost savings are impressive.



Functional heating is a great thing. Functional heaters that look great as well is a brilliant thing.

Our aluminium heaters are available in white, any RAL colour or with an image of your choice.

Our glass infrared heaters are available in mirror, white, any RAL colour or with an image of your choice.

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Storage heaters vs. Infrared heaters

A good quality night storage heater (with all the associated drawbacks) will actually be more expensive to purchase and run than one of our beautiful heaters.

So if you replace storage heaters with an elegant, stylish and efficient infrared heating system you will have both a more efficient and an aesthetically more appealing home. Win, win.

While you let that sink in, here's a reminder of some of the problems night storage heaters give you:

  • Night storage heaters will charge overnight, this inevitably means that there is heating of the house during the night, which is just a waste of money!
  • Unless you’re a weatherman you can’t predict how much heating you’re going to need the next day (and even then...).
  • Old storage heaters (produced before 1973) may contain asbestos. How old are yours?


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Simon - Jigsaw

Written by Simon - Jigsaw

Involved in the Infrared heating industry for over 10 years. Developing the Infrared Heating industry in the UK and Europe. Refining product manufacture, design and implementation. Promoting the concept of using infrared heating in both the domestic and commercial environment and the efficiencies this creates.



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