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Lot 20 Compliant Heating

Jul 12, 2019 11:34:00 AM / by Matthew Billington

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The term Lot 20 compliance has come from a European energy reduction legislation. The aim of this legislation is to improve the energy efficiency and environmental impact of local space heaters in used in any home or business. This has forced heater manufacturers such as ourselves to ensure that all our heaters are in compliance with LOT 20.

The legislation describes how energy savings can be made by reducing the wasteful overheating of spaces. The older forms of electric heaters have been targeted by the legislation. These are heaters with the basic dial controls with only a few options for power usage.

All Jigsaw heaters comply with LOT 20 by either having the thermostats built in to the heater (Italian Range) or, by having one of our Heatmiser thermostats connected to it during installation.

lot 20 compliant


What Difference Will This Make?

Over 4m UK households do not or cannot use mains gas. In addition, over 2m homes use electricity for heating.

Imagine improving the efficiency of everyone of these homes with more accurate controls. The cost saving, electricity reduction and the amounts of CO2 would reduce. Now imagine that you pair Jigsaw's infrared panels with Solar Panels.


The Future is Green!

At Jigsaw we are planning for the future and we believe that it will be a green one. Due to this, we have high requirements for our infrared heaters.

We have ensured that our heaters are optimised to work with photovoltaic (Solar panels) and other renewable energy systems.

Your heating bill could be ZERO with solar power!


Jigsaw Infrared and LOT 20

Jigsaw's infrared panels comply with LOT 20. We have a range of options to choose from to make your home and business more efficient with its energy usage.

We have teamed up with Heatmiser to supply our heaters with the latest thermostats and wireless controls. Control your heating via your mobile phone or tablet. Simply choose the room and adjust the temperature. EASY! No more wasted energy. The app is available on Android and iOS. See our range of thermostats for more information.


Benefits of Infrared

As well as being an efficient way to heat your home, Jigsaw's heaters also have added benefits:

1. They help ease allergens in the house/space - IR does not circulate air, therefore it does not circulate the dust and pollen that is part of the air.

2. Physiotherapists use infrared heat to improve blood flow and circulation

3. Infrared Heaters reduce moisture in the space. Therefore, our heaters are fantastic at reducing black spot mould and damp. This is especially useful in bathrooms, conservatories, gyms and kitchens.


Do Infrared Heating Panels Save Money?

In most cases infrared heating panels can save money. It is important to be realistic and to understand that they might not save money in every situation. Science proves that infrared heating is around 30% more efficient than convection based heating. You can find more information and relevant references about that on the Energy Efficiency page. On this page there are calculations provided based on general energy prices.


At Jigsaw Solutions we cater to both domestic and Commercial use. If there are further there are further questions that are not answered here please contact us via our Contact page.


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Matthew Billington

Written by Matthew Billington

My role at Jigsaw is product development, overall management the business and building relationships with likeminded companies. We specialise in sales and installation of Infrared Heating Panels. Our products are up to 60% more efficient that some heating options. We are working with our manufacturers to produce and install the most efficient panels and to improve our customers heating efficiency. By doing this, we can save them money and give them a healthier life in their homes and workspaces. When safety is concerned all of our panels are fully tested to comply with EN safety. My aim is to help customers improve their home efficiency with Smart devices, with links with our partnered solar panel installers to reduce customers electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprints.



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