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Living with infrared - A customer's experience

Mar 15, 2021 2:43:21 PM / by Laura - Jigsaw


One of our valued customers have kindly written about their experience of living with Jigsaw Infrared panels and what it is like to have full control of their heating system. 

Two bed penthouse apartment - Sutton Coldfield - Watch the full apartment tour video below

We’ve been really happy with our infrared heating supplied by Jigsaw Infrared. What a massive improvement from the old storage heaters we had.

We had the whole two bed apartment installed, getting rid of our horrible and out of date storage heaters.

Jigsaw installed the heating for us, thank you Griff, hardly any mess and he cleaned up after himself. The heating has been installed for four months now and it was really easy to get to grips with, how you had warmth, where and when you needed it. It’s not like the storage heaters, where they just heat up overnight and then release the heat during the day and of course, the evening comes along, and the warmth has gone.

The control system installed is amazing, so simple and really effective. We have central internet hub, then we control each individual heater via our phone or tablet, we have two wall thermostats but never really use them.


During this recent cold spell, overnight we left the heaters on 16 degrees, to keep the temperature at an acceptable level but it never seemed to kick in as the rooms didn’t dip below that level. Matt told me this was due to infrared heating, the mass of the room and that heat is retained in the walls and all objects for longer. I was a bit sceptical at first, but I get it now.

How we set our heaters is really simplistic. The phone APP just allows us to set each individual heater, we also had the room sensors fitted to detect when we were in the room. We could set a schedule for the heat to come on when we enter the room, it’s a great idea and we use it a lot.

In a morning we’d just turn the heat on remotely, starting at 19 degrees. In an instant the whole place would warm up and by the time my husband made our first cup of tea it was as though the apartment hadn’t been below that temperature... Brilliant.

Depending on what we did during the day we’d just set up the rooms to the heat we wanted. The kitchen / diner where we spend most of our day would be 20 degrees, the bedrooms normally 19 as was the lounge.


In the afternoon and when it starts to get colder, we would turn the heating up to 20 degrees in the room we occupied, in the evening when in the lounge it would be set to 20.5 to 21 degrees.


What we have noticed is the time the heaters are actually working. The screen shows the rooms to be blue in colour when off and yellow when the when the heat is turned on.

At first, we wanted to check how long the heating was on as we were conscious of how much electricity our storage heaters used but we were shocked how little the infrared was actually on.

The pictures are our phone control APP. The left one is when the heaters are turned off. The larger temp is the room temperature, and the smaller temp is the temperature you set. At this time that temperature is the anti-frost setting of 4 degrees

The photo on the right is when we set the room temperatures to 21 degrees. I turned all heaters onto 21 degrees just to show how easy it is.

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 13.58.02

We’ve been shocked at the short amount of time they’re actually working, it’s only around ten to fifteen minutes per hour. Of course, it depends how hot we want it, we prefer to have a comfortable feel and nothing excessive.

21 degrees is the very maximum we would ever want it to be and that’s too hot when we’re in the lounge, 20.5 degrees seems to be the temperature that suits us most of all, surprising how half a degree can be so different.

The positioning of the panels was important to us and we weren’t too sure about ceiling mounted at first, it’s freed up so much space up on the walls and it feels so comfortable, it works so quickly too, nothing to obstruct it.


The feeling of radiant heat is so different, we’ve spent several years living in Spain and love the sun, well I do, my husband spent a lot of time hiding in the shade.

Electricity consumption was something we focused on and the heating and the control system have actually saved us money. When you think of it there is no need to heat up every room to the same temperature, heat when and where you want it and that has meant the amount of electricity we have used has dropped by around thirty percent, it may be more? Our apartment is all electric and we pay £90 per month and we’re in credit too.

All in all, we are so delighted with our heating now, it didn’t take long to get used to the control system and it just seems a new way of life for us. When we’re out we can turn the heating on five minutes before we get back home and its lovely and warm when we open the door.

Thank you so much Matt and Simon for all your help, Jigsaw get five Star from us.


Sutton Coldfield

We would like to thank Yvonne for her honest account of living with infrared and sharing her story with our future customers. 

For more information please contact us 📞0121 794 2081 ✉️ info@solutionsbyjigsaw.co.uk







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Laura - Jigsaw

Written by Laura - Jigsaw

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