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Butt Ugly Radiators. You've got them.

May 21, 2020 8:53:27 AM / by Simon - Jigsaw


It's true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but, but.... Hands up who's in love with their ugly radiators?

Yeah, that's right, the ugly white box strapped to your wall. Uh huh, the ones that get in the way of where you want to put your furniture. Those butt ugly radiators that make a lot of people sneeze...

We tolerate them don't we? Is that the best we can say?

OK yes, look we know, they do a job. Sometimes they even do it efficiently.

So, we tolerate them, they do a job and sometimes they're efficient.

Ah yes, but you know what, those ugly radiators, they're like an old friend. Sure, they've got their faults but we can overlook them, Because... because...? Mmm why?

Then. We tolerate them, they do a job, sometimes they're efficient, they've got faults BUT we overlook them.


Should we tolerate something inconvenient and ugly just because they've always been like that?

Should we tolerate heating that is inconvenient and inefficient?

We don't believe so.


What is the alternative to Butt Ugly Radiators?

Something sleek.

Something modern.

An efficient form of smart heating.

Imagine a heater designed to be mounted at picture height. A heater disguised as a mirror. No really! How about your favourite picture? A colour to match your decor? Even wallpaper can be incorporated into the design of our heaters.

Stop reading for a minute. Sit back. Imagine. Imagine how a beautifully designed heater can change your living space.

Lakes in Blue Room

We manufacture heaters in sizes to suit all of your rooms.

Manufactured and certified in the UK.

Any RAL colour, mirror or bespoke.

At Jigsaw we pride ourselves on not being Butt Ugly.


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Simon - Jigsaw

Written by Simon - Jigsaw

Involved in the Infrared heating industry for over 10 years. Developing the Infrared Heating industry in the UK and Europe. Refining product manufacture, design and implementation. Promoting the concept of using infrared heating in both the domestic and commercial environment and the efficiencies this creates.



Our goal is to help you modernise your heating system, save you money on your energy bills and add value to your home.

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